The first time I saw a limping goat I had no idea what the issue was, I figured probably an injury until someone asked if I checked for hoof scald.  I had no idea what hoof scald was.  I had to ask around and then figure out how to treat it. Hoof scald is a bacterial infection that is usually seen between the toes.  I've watched my goats not wanting to travel and reduce their pasture eating because of this issue and how sore it made their feet.  This can affect weight gain.  The most effective treatment I found on our farm has been mixing 7% iodine solution with oxytetracycline and applying that solution to the affected area and we then give a shot of antibiotic, re-treating again in a couple days that normally takes care of the problem.  

I have also found that my hoof issues have become almost non existent since we added a high copper mineral as a preventive measure.  I have attached pictures of hoof scald and our mineral source and make-up.